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Log Cabins

Tuesday, 17 May 2016 09:43:32 Europe/London

At Eglantine Timber Products, we have a wide range of log cabins to suit your garden space. Our timber cabins can be used for a number of different purposes including extra storage, relaxing space, playroom, extra bedroom or even a home office. Made from the highest quality Spruce wood from colder regions in Northern Europe, our timber cabinsare strong and sturdy. We choose slow growing spruce as it has tighter grain so can withstand harsh weather making our cabins durable.

Wood Protection for Long Lasting Quality

We pressure treat the wood after it has been machine cut to size. We use Tanalith E wood preservative during the treatment which delivers enhanced, more robust and durable protection against wood decay. The Tanalith E penetrates the wood during pressure treatment to ensure the entire piece of wood including the fresh cuts are protected from rot.

Log Cabin Assembly

We use a unique corner joint system that requires no fixings and is quick and easy to assemble. All windows and glazed doors are fitted with toughened safety glass for added safety and security and are available in single or double glazing. Also provided with each building are pressure treated foundation beams and a kit of easy-to-follow assembly instructions.

We provide two different roof coverings for our buildings - mineral felt is our cost effective option, or alternatively felt shingles, available in three colours, can provide buildings with attractive protection against the elements.

Bespoke Designs Available

If you have a specific space to fill or size you require, we can manufacture a bespoke log cabin for you, simply contact us to discuss your requirements.

Log Cabin Uses

Our Timber Cabins have a wide range of possible use ranging for extra living space, home office space, beauty salons, home gyms, games rooms playrooms or even just for extra storage. The cabins can have added room divisions to allow you to use the space for a number of uses.

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Saige Composite Decking

Tuesday, 21 August 2012 09:45:00 Europe/London

  • Profiles: Hollow boards come in a Mid Groove profile – with a smooth alternative side which is aesthetically effective when used in conjunction with the grooved side, such using it as a perimeter or on alternate boards.
  • Sizes: All our decking boards are available in 3.6 meter lengths, are 143mm wide and 23mm high. At these dimensions 2 boards or 7.2 linear meters of decking equates to 1 sq/meter of coverage.

    You can see that our finished Longlife Composite Decking is vastly superior to standard wood decking. But not only does it look good but it has many unique selling points and key benefits:

    • Longlife – Our composite decking last much much longer than wood decking
    • Low Maintenance – Our longlife decking doesn’t need sealing, and doesn’t get mouldy.
    • Anti Splinters – Our Decking doesn’t splinter
    • ECO Friendly – Composite decking is manufactured from recycled materials and are non toxic
    • 4 Colours : Grey, Oak, Redwood & Charcoal
    • Heat Resistant – our decking system is more resistant to heat than wood
    • No Visable Screws – The decking boards are fastened with a special hidden fixing system.
    • Slip Resistant – In the wet, wood decking can be very slippery
    • For Further information go to :-  www.compositedecking.ie

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2 Item(s)