Patina Bowls Water Feature

Patina Bowls Water Feature


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The Patina Bowls Water Feature is a fantastic looking feature that will be a very pleasing addition to any garden or outdoor setting due to its aural and visual qualities.

Water cascades out of the spout from the top bowl, into and out of the second, overflows from the third, and then reaches the reservoir below to be recycled. The trickling sound of water and intriguing appearance of this feature will no doubt take pride of place in any garden.

The Patina 44000 is crafted from glass fibre reinforced concrete, so it’s especially durable and has an aged finish for added realism. It’s self-contained so there’s no need for any plumbing, simply plug the water feature into the mains and enjoy all that it has to offer.

Patina Bowls Features:

  • Three Bowl Falling Cascade
  • Glass Fibre Reinforced Concrete
  • Self Contained Water Storage
  • Includes Mains-Powered Pump with 10m cable & UK Plug


  • Height: 90cm (2ft 11½ins)
  • Width: 70cm (2ft 3½ins)
  • Depth: 70cm (2ft 3½ins)
  • Weight: 70kg (2ft 3½ins)

Please Note: This water feature will need to be protected from winter conditions and drained to limit any damage from water freezing inside of it.